About Healthy Masculinities

Why is “Masculinities” plural?

This simply acknowledges that there are multiple definitions of “what it means to be masculine” and therefore it frees us up to culturally redefine masculinity for a modern era.

What do you mean by “Healthy?”

Generally, as far as word choice, we chose “healthy” because as a qualifier we liked the connotation of promoting wholeness, peace, and a general image of thriving. It’s a little less subjective and arguable (though not entirely, by design).

More specifically, we believe a few aspects of healthy masculinities include:

  • Respect and empathy for others (this covers gender, sexuality, race, origin, or any other “otherness”)
  • Peaceful communication, interaction, and relationships with others
  • Commitment to some form of consistent self-awareness and self-mastery
  • Acceptance of the responsibility of brotherhood (in the larger sense)

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Dale Thomas Vaughn, President

Dale Thomas Vaughn is President of the Global Center for Healthy Masculinities. His writing and workshops have focused on men’s groups, leadership and mentorship, and the bystander intervention method of sexual violence prevention. He is the Editor of Leadership at The Good Men Project, where he has written over two dozen articles and book chapters on healthy masculinities. After Vaughn led his 150th men’s workshop, his focus shifted to teaching men of all ages the skills to communicate effectively, lead more purposeful lives, and become more balanced both at work and at home. His award-winning work with men and at-risk boys has led to the foundation of the Global Center for Healthy Masculinities. Vaughn provides workshops for groups of men, schools, and college administrators. Vaughn works with a select group of highly committed men each semester in the EmpowerMentorship Institute.

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