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For colleges, universities, foundations, companies and professional organizations who want to support the success of their students, members or employees, we provide a series of workshops.

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Understanding Consent – What Does “Yes Means Yes” Mean?

For universities, fraternal cultures and institutions grappling with how to make the policy more meaningful than words in a student handbook

The transformation from a culture of “No Means No” to “Yes Means Yes” takes education, common toolsets available for communicating consent, and a deeper understanding of sex, sexuality, and cultural masculinity.

In this workshop, we build your plan for prevention on campus or in your fraternal organization, including conversation topics, workshops, marketing materials and committee action plans to sustain a culture of cooperation to prevent sexual violence, and to promote healthy sex.

We’ll break down rape myths, do Q&A about consent, and break into small groups (where possible) to develop a new culture of masculinity for the community.

We’ll also address the Top 10 Roadblocks Colleges Are Coming Up Against in the Fight to Prevent Sexual Assault


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Goal-Setting – The Goal is Not The Goal

How your goal-setting is keeping you from success and happiness

The goal is meant to create action… sometimes you can get stuck in a cycle of goal-setting… this feels like: “man, I have big dreams and I know I’m great… why can’t I catch a break?” then you start to wonder if you’re good enough… you try to set new goals… then it repeats. Taking BOLD action often snaps this cycle because you start to get some small successes and then build up over time.

In this workshop we work out your individual superpower and your Big Why Word. We’ll go through goal-setting in ways you’ve never done before. Your team will come away with an action plan for their next project, and blueprints for 1, 3, 5, and even 10 year projects.


Prevent Sexual Violence and Harassment – Men With Integrity

Bystander Intervention for Universities and Companies to decrease Sexual Violence or Harassment

One of the most effective ways to prevent sexual violence is to get men involved in addressing cultural norms. Research has shown that 3% of college men account for 90-95% of all sexual assaults on college campuses. And those 3% – the high-risk men – are proven to commit 40% fewer coercive acts if they’re part of a men’s program. 

And if you really don’t think you know anyone who has been assaulted, here’s a logical reason to get on this bandwagon: research from the End Violence Against Women campaign has shown that violence against women costs society $67 billion each year, with each sexual offense costing an estimated $203,740. Sexual violence creates more than just an emotional or physical scarring, every sexual trauma creates tangible ripples throughout families, communities, and our whole society.

Read Dale’s article about the Bystander Intervention model here.

Men With Integrity Presentation by Dale Thomas Vaughn to SMU from Dale Vaughn


Inspiring Action – Get Fired Up!

How to Bust Through Numbness and Turn Stagnancy into Action

Uncovering the One Fear that Unites Every Man

In my 10 years of leading men’s groups now, I’ve heard some form of this fear from almost every single guy at some point. We, as men, are tied together by this fear… and we are tied together by the solution to this fear.

One of my favorite books is Finding Flow, by the eminent psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

About purpose and self-doubt, he says “People feel good when they do something they want to do, bad when they do something they think they have to do, and worst when they do something because they can’t think of anything else to do. Being goalless or directionless is the most unpleasant state.”

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Finding Fraternity – From Lone Wolf to a Full Pack

Why Men Go It Alone, And What Happens When We Become Brothers

At some point most of you have mentioned that you feel like you’ve gone through this world a little isolated and it’s easy to do that. It’s easy to think, “maybe I can do all of this by myself.” The movies tell us that we can. And you know maybe we can do it all by ourselves, but it sure as hell ain’t as much fun. There’s the old idea that drinking alone is somehow automatically sad. Isn’t that kind of a funny analogy that seems to ring true?

That analogy actually extends even further. How many six-dollar beers have you wasted hanging out with guys who don’t really matter in your life? There have been moments early in my self-awareness that I was surrounded by people and never felt more alone. That all changed when I began looking for ALLIES instead of just drinking buddies. Now, my idea of friends are the kind of guys who can get into the trenches with me. Those guys understand the true value of the victories… and so they celebrate better.

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High School and Middle School Boys Mentorship Programs

The Peaceful Warrior Brotherhood in partnership with Devonric Johnson of Brothers By ChoiceOverview of Program

The Need

Peaceful Warrior Brotherhood 2014 no frameMentoring programs appear to be most effective for youth who have some pre- existing difficulties or who are exposed to heightened levels of environmental risk. (Association for Psychological Science, 2011)

Mentored boys are two times more likely to believe that school is fun and that doing well academically is important. (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, 2013)

Mentored boys are also two times less likely than non-mentored boys to develop negative conducts like bullying, fighting, lying, cheating, losing their temper or expressing anger. (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, 2013)

“Without a positive male role model in your life, it is extremely difficult to become a man who benefits his family and benefits society.” Donald Miller

The System

“Extended Day” Program

Course credit for the program instead of extra-curricular

Big Opportunity Field Trips

We will set up 4 field trips to meet male mentors for a presentation in their professional or hobby environments. These events will help brothers to see potential professional opportunities and to build real-life experiences.

On-Campus Activity-Based Workshops

We will host the in-house OFL workshops meant to build self-confidence, motivate intentions and actions, create real connection and community, and inspire the group to new levels of opportunity.

Q&A Training With Faculty/Staff

Once a month, we will hold a Q&A session with any teachers or staff who want to learn how to help, promote, study, or coordinate with the group.


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